27-12-2012 Arrival in Lima Peru

Just arrived in Lima. On the way from the airport, I observed traffic. Note to myself: CHANGE YOUR MINDSET ABOUT TRAFFIC !!!! What a huge chaos. I’m sure all will be fine, once I actually start riding the bike, but it’s good to observe beforehand….

After settling in the hostel Casa Ana, I took a taxi to the area called Miraflores at 10 am. This is where the shipping agency resides. Once I told them why I was there, they asked me to come back at 3 pm, so they could draw up some papers I needed to sign for the notary. Miraflores is quite big when you walk around for 5 hours… 😉

Back at 3 pm, I asked them how long they expect it would take to get my bike cleared through customs and delivered to the hostel. Due to holidays and new years, it would take about 2 weeks they said…..
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing…. Quite upset I told them that I can’t spend/loose 2 weeks waiting. I specifically chose this agency because they promised to do what was needed to speed up the process…
After a fruitful discussion, we agreed upon trying to get customs to speed up the process, by me attending personally first thing in the morning, at the customs office and explaining how important it is that I would get my bike a.s.a.p. !!

I will go to bed early tonight to have a clear head tomorrow morning…… 😉

Miraflores 27-12-12 Last Import - 2 Last Import - 3 Last Import - 4

9 thoughts on “27-12-2012 Arrival in Lima Peru

  1. Anonymous

    Hoop dat je vandaag snel je motor hebt, ja Zuid Amerika he…… misschien een iets ander tempo dan in Nederland ? Sterkte vandaag; hopen snel weer van je te horen !

  2. wimbat Post author

    After obtaining and signing forms at the warehouse, then sent to customs, then to a notary to have forms validated, then back to customs………. all documents seem to be in order. Monday morning an inspector will check the crate and hopefully decide that the presence of motorbike gear (jacket, boots, helmet and pants) will not be a problem, although the forms clearly state: motorbike and parts only…….
    Frustrating, but after the weekend, things should be in motion………

  3. Anonymous

    We zijn blij dat je goed aangekomen bent en al het nodige van Lima hebt gezien! Hopelijk is het douane-protocol nu ook snel achter de rug is, zodat je feitelijk op weg kunt op de door jou gekozen route. Heb je je (roestige) spaans al wat kunnen oefenen?


    Ron & Ief

  4. Petra

    Wow, lekker dan. Dat trekt wel even het vakantiegevoel uit je als ze even zeggen…twee weken. Ik hoop dat het maandag gelijk afgehandeld wordt en je snel on route bent!! Voorlopig dan maar even lekker genieten van de omgeving, de heerlijke warmte, drankjes, eten, mensen enz. enz. Veel plezier, geniet ervan!

  5. Paul Smith

    Hey Wim.. glad we were able to get your bike out of customs for you! Nothing is straight forward in Peru.. I see you are learning this. I hope you have a great time in South America, and the ATG Logistics team wishes you all the best on your travels. If you have any other biker friends making the trip don’t forget to recommend us! http://www.atglogistics.com

    The traffic gets better outside Lima, just don’t lean to much in to the bends as you will often find trucks and buses coming the other way in the wrong lane! Looking forward to reading about your travels.

    Safe Travels!

    ps. If you need any assistance on your journey just get in contact.

    1. wimbat Post author

      Thanks so much Paul!
      All things considered, Christmas and New Years were not the best time for dealing with customs, but I suppose that is not just a Peruvian matter. I wish I could have planned it better.
      Thanks for all the help and I will definitely recommend ATG if anyone inquires.
      Also I appreciate the offer for assistance in case I need it. That’s very considerate and I will most certainly keep it in mind.

      Noelia told me you still want to see Patagonia one day. I will post photos if, according to plan, I get there in a few weeks. However, you really should go see it for yourself. Make a plan and just let nothing get in your way.
      At least, that’s the way it works for me…. 😉

      1. Paul Smith

        Yes getting the bike cleared at Christmas is always a challenge, especially when the Dakar bikes and trucks are arriving. I will have to be convinced to buy a bike someday, although driving it in Peru is a scary thought. You are a brave man. We had an Irish client drove his bike from the US to Peru and came off the bike three times. All in Peru! Looking forward to seeing your photos!

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