31-12-2012 Delay at customs in Callao

I could/should have expected it. The last day of the year, many people take a day of to extend the weekend. Peruvian custom employees are no different. Thus there was a shortage of personnel  today and nobody was available to inspect the crate….    very disappointing but understandable. The fact that the Dakar Rally is starting from Lima soon, also puts a strain on customs, and this in fact makes things slightly worse for me….

All my hope is on wednesday now… a week after arrival in Peru.

Every downside has an upside though: I have a little more time now to figure out the best way to create routes in my Garmin GPS. Realistically planning is quite the challenge. I need to keep in mind that I most likely need an extra day to get used to the altitude around Machu Picchu and Lake Titikaka…… I have been told that chewing Coca leaves really helps against symptoms of altitude sickness… Advice well taken…  😉

6 thoughts on “31-12-2012 Delay at customs in Callao

  1. Mirretje

    Je hebt toch geen irritante collega’s meegenomen 😉

    Sterkte nog even en hopelijk ben je snel weer onderweg!,

  2. Ben

    He Wim, beste wensen voor jou na een brakke dag😁van mijn kant. Inmiddels woensdag hier en dat wordt jouw dag. succes.

  3. theo

    Hey Wim,
    great posts till now! Are you sure these were cocoa leaves and not coca ones? 😛
    maybe they are also good when dealing with bureaucratic delays 🙂


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