16-01-2013 Taking a break in Santiago


Sebastian’s couch is very comfortable and I slept well. After breakfast I went out in search of a box and sticky tape.
After this successful mission I went back to the apartment and packed the box. Mostly clothes and a few other items fill up the box and then I went out to find a suitable courier or post office. Apparently, shipping prices hugely differ from one office to the next. It varies from US$ 60 to US$ 440 !!!!!!!  8,5 kg Luggage are on their way home to Holland.


2 Blocks from the apartment building I noticed a few motorcycles together in front of a building with the Union Jack of England on it. This appeared to be a Triumph dealership with workshop. There were several people inside that spoke English, so I carefully requested a little help for my Yamaha. “Not a problem”, they said.

Within 5 minutes I returned on the bike and explained to them that I suspected the nut holding the yoke and front end to be not tight enough. The mechanics tested it and assured me that it was fine. For the 2 bolts that I put in place as spare after I lost them back in Arica, they had the proper replacement. Technically the XTZ was complete again.


It must have been an hour later when I left, after having a great time talking about travelling and showing them my improvised starter button, which they all liked very much. I should patent it, according to them 😉
For their time and the bolts, they charged nothing and even the coffee was totally free !!

Back at the apartment building I parked the bike back in the parking garage and there I removed the cover of the front sprocket in order to check wether or not the nut securing the sprocket in place, had not come off. Fortunately it was still solid as a rock. Another re-assurement.
Santiago is a city I like !!

The evening I passed enjoying sushi and the warm weather of summer, knowing that back home it was around -2° to -5° Celsius and possibly snowing. 🙂

The trip for tomorrow will be to Concepción, another 600 km journey. The XTZ will have 8,5 kg less to carry and it will be less bulky in luggage. It get’s more minimalistic every week…. 😉

Leaving Santiago

2 thoughts on “16-01-2013 Taking a break in Santiago

  1. P.A. van den Burg

    Wim it’s -8 gr. here and there’s 14 cm snow. So stay there… please.
    Paul and I go at the 24th of januari to Austria for snowboarding in Sölden.
    So sharp contrast of clothing here…. you with your slippers and me in my snowboots…….
    Have fun Dude….


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