18-01-2013 Concepción: how to proceed

Today I spent necessary time on internet trying to find more information on how to ship the motorbike back to Holland in 2 weeks. Flying it out by air cargo is 1 option. It is rather straightforward and doesn’t seem to have a lot of procedures involved. It is somewhat expensive though, but I will have the bike back with me in Holland around the same time as I will be.

Another option is again by ship. Roll-on-Roll-off has my preference, since then there’s no need to put the motorbike in a crate again. I managed to get in touch with a shipping company in Buenos Aires, who is preparing a quote for me.

Late afternoon I went out for a ride to the coast. Concepción is a nice city that has it’s focus on universities. They have 3 big uni’s in this place. The city is not built right on the coast but is connected via suburbs. Fishing and a naval base are the key features of the marine side of town.
The weather isn’t quite like summer as I hoped it would be. Overcast and fog was what I encountered when reaching the harbour. Some 20 or 30 km to the north there are some nice beaches, but I doubt the weather would be better up there.


After I got back, I started planning routes that would take me to the last part of my journey. I hate to admit that I have been way too ambitious from the start. Considering the distance I travelled so far in the past 2 weeks, with some very long days, it seems possible to achieve the second part with approximately as many km’s to go. However, the southern region is not known for it’s outstanding smooth highways. Travelling an average of 500 km per day is just not realistic.
The time frame would be so narrow, that I couldn’t even afford a flat tyre or even a detour.
On top of that, I might have to drop of the bike in Buenos Aires 2 days before I leave. Another 2 days off the schedule.

Therefore, however sad I am about this, I decided to head for Buenos Aires in a more or less straight way. Tomorrow I will head south a little and cross the Andes mountains and the border in to Argentina. From there I will see what route may be interesting in the 2 weeks I have left.

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