25-01-2013 San Luis

New day, new story. The total opposite of yesterday.
Stepping outside my nice motel room this morning, found me wondering what happened over night….   A perfectly clear blue sky smiled at me, urging me to get moving… 😉
The temperature was perfect; not too warm so not much chance of getting drowsy.

I started at an easy pace and noticed that the wind had not gone but was not as fierce as yesterday. The surface of the road left something to be desired as well at times. Other than that, everything was A-OK.
After a while I started noticing how green everything was in this part of Argentina. The prairie, pampas, trees, meadows, crops, water….. Well, not the water, but everything else: 50 shades of green….  :-p

Santa Rosa was my initial destination for today, but I already got there at 12:15, so I simply kept going. The sky showed maybe 5 little white clouds over the whole day. Some of the wildlife I spotted today, include emus, flamingos, an assortment of birds of pray, like falcons and hawks, a medium sized lizard, an ocelot or other medium sized feline, a couple of small owls and of course countless bugs that are splattered all over my vizor, clothes and motorbike… 😉   What a perfect day. After 820 km I ended up in San Luis, my initial destination for tomorrow. Some body parts were truly sore by now. I will be camping here for 2 days under a full moon. Tomorrow will be a rest day and sunday I will ride for Cordoba I think……




2 thoughts on “25-01-2013 San Luis

  1. Anonymous

    Wow, your shoulders must feel like rock or iron by now! Batteling against the strong winds and driving in pooring rain (a couple of days ago).
    But then again: that’s a temporary burdain while you enjoy the trip… I really appreciate the fact that we can read along whith you while you live your dream in cruising South America!
    I hope you’ll find a reasonable solution to your ‘shipping motorbike’-challenge! I’m sure you’ll manage allright.
    By the way: when you arrive in Buenos Aires, why not take a tango-lessen while you’re there! That would be a unique experience (where you use some other muscles too than the ones most needed 4 riding your bike :-).

    Drive on and ejoy!



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