01-02-2013 Finalising shipping procedure

The past few days have been really hot and the nights as well. Good night sleeps are becoming rare. I’m up early most of the time and today was no exception. I double-checked the address of the shipping company in the city and went out. It took some 45 minutes walk to get there and I tried to walk in the shade as much as I could. When I arrived in the office, I was sweating from the long walk in the heat. Fortunately there was air conditioning and the staff was really friendly. They gave me a copy of the invoice with the exact amount to be deposited in their bank account.

The bank was only 2 doors down from their office and I only had to wait about 20 minutes before it was my turn. It took 3 minutes maximum to deposit the money and acquire the proof of payment. Then I went back to the office, but to a different floor. There I submitted the proof of payment and in return was given the Airway bill and original invoice. My bike will be on a plane tonight and arrive in Amsterdam on the same day that I will. What a relief that everything went so smoothly and without complications.

Next thing I planned was to go to an area with lots of small shops to look for a suitcase. After 20 minutes walking I arrived and eventually found a shop where I could haggle a little and bought the suitcase. Now I had to drag it all the way back to the hostel. When I finally arrived, my knee and back were sore and I needed a shower.

The rest of the afternoon was spent, with relaxing in the shade and sipping rum with lime and sugar. The 2 French guys were going out again at night, but I didn’t join them; my knee needs rest. At 23:00 it started to rain heavily and it cooled off somewhat. Hopefully tonight I will sleep better.

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