02-02-2013 Last day in South America

The night again was too hot and there were quite a few annoying mosquitos who kept me awake. Over breakfast I decided that for my last night in Buenos Aires, I was going to get a hotel room with air-condition. I really need a good night sleep.
Outside, the wind came up in the morning and it was really a lot cooler than yesterday. I went on the internet and booked a hotel room elsewhere in the city. Around lunchtime the 2 French guys, Gregoire and Julien, woke up and Gregoire also planned to leave today. He left at 13:30. I waited until 15:00 before asking the reception to call me a cab. I am done walking for this trip 😉

When the taxi arrived I said goodbye to Maite and to Julien and the staff of the hostel and left.
The hotel room is spacious and indeed has air-conditioning so I think I will be fine for tonight. The man from the reception told me that there should be a bus heading for the airport, 2 blocks from here. Just to be safe I went out to look for that bus stop and indeed I found it.

Tomorrow I’ll leave for the airport around 08:30. Here ends my adventure in South America for 2013.

5 thoughts on “02-02-2013 Last day in South America

  1. Anonymous

    I hope you had a good time here in South America! It was really nice to meet you
    Safe trip, Wim!


    1. wimbat Post author

      Thank you so much Florencia, for everything you and your family have done for me!!!!! It was a wonderful experience and I enjoyed my stay with you very much. Please give my regards to your parents, Agustin and off course Martín.


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