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08-01-2013 Ollantaytambo at last

Waking up this morning, I more or less expected my gear to be dry. No such luck. Apparently the room was too cold and maybe damp to even slightly dry my clothes. So in my wet gear I left Pisac for Ollontaytambo.
I was relieved that it did not rain. Not more than 1 hour ride, I arrived in Ollontaytambo. A cobble stone narrow road leads to the town square, from which the different hostels were easily spotted. Finding one with room for a motorbike was another matter.
Close to the train station I found a lodge with plenty of room.
This close to Peru’s no. 1 attraction one could expect prices to be a lot higher than elsewhere. Yet I managed to haggle 20 Soles of the price per night, promising to stay for 2 nights. When I got to the room it was a pleasant surprise: luxury hotel style.

Having all settled in even before noon, I went out to explore this nice historic place. I really like the vibe of this little town. Although focussed on tourism, it doesn’t seem to lose it’s charm. Beautiful ancient streets and ruins in the background against the mountain sides makes you want to wander around the whole time, or watch the vibrant life go by while you enjoy your coffee at one of the many little restaurants.

The tourist information office sold me the train, bus, and entrance tickets to Machu Picchu for tomorrow and I had some laundry done. When I went back to the lodge 2 motorbikes arrived. An American father and son Ken and Ben, both ride BMW GS1200. Naturally, within no time we exchanged experiences and went into town for a few beers and some diner 🙂
Apparently they rode all the way from Colorado and had quite a few good stories.

Tomorrow will be one of the highlights of the trip, both for me as Ken and Ben.