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03-01-2013 Last day in Lima

After mounting the front wheel and the mirrors last night, this morning I re-attached my left front indicator with tie raps (obviously last night someone thought that lifting the bike on the indicator should be ok) and filled the OSCO with oil.
Time for a test ride: everything seems fine. left mirror needs a little adjustment en when the cooling fan is on, the alternator seems to find it difficult to keep the sparks going at idling.
Apart from that, it went fine. I quickly got used to the chaotic traffic.

Since the Dakar Rally starts from Lima, I went to see the vehicles up close, while they’re still in town. Monsters…. all of them  🙂

While travelling, you tend to meet nice people all the time… very nice people.
I am grateful to Alex and Priscilla, who let my motorbike stay in their locked garage during my stay in Lima. The people of ATG logistics have been great too. Carlos deserves a big compliment for his patience and his perseverance, Paul and the lovely Noelia for all the info and their suggestions. http://www.atglogistics.com

Third party Insurance was not easy to arrange for South America. Fortunately I found an USA based company that insured my bike after supplying the necessary details in copies per email.

For tomorrow I plan to travel to Nazca, home of the famous Nazca lines. I made reservations in a hostel with a Dutch like name: Hospedaje Brabent.  🙂